Friday, April 15, 2016

Checkpoint Assingment

No we haven’t accomplished what we set out to do. This is because we did not get the right products from our products needed to complete that part of the project. We have much success.
Our success is figuring out another way to use the PI. We are doing this by making a retroPie gaming system. We have also attempted to make a tablet but Mr. Eckert  ordered the wrong parts.
Failing to make a tablet is one of our failures. This is because Mr. Eckert ordered the wrong items. We have also attempted to download retroPie, but our first attempt failed.
My blog is also something we have done. With over 15 posts we have a lot of information. My link is
We have made a case for the touch pi but unfortunately we weren’t able to finish the tablet.
The hardest part of our project was formatting the sd card. We used a full list of instructions these can be found at
In the next three weeks we need to download retropie successfully and get it running so we can use it as a gaming console. We will do this by finding a sd card that’s class will work in a Pi, then go to the tech lab and download it with the help of Dr. Heisel.  

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